Monday, February 22, 2010

This past week. Hectic.

This past week has been very hectic. I stressed a bunch today. I spent a lot of money in the past week that I should not have spent at all and thats all thats been circling in my head. Bills have piled up and I know im going to be able to take care of them but still its just like really really hard on my dome. I went to 4 shows in the last four days and completely partied my ass off. I have been eating healthier but this weekend I let a few things slide that I shouldn't have. On top of drinking a bunch I had McDonalds for the first time in months. Son of a bitch that sucked. It like literally destroyed me. It made my insides feel like they were falling out. I guess because of how much better i've been eating my body truly couldn't handle that food intake. Fucked me up bad but I pulled through haha. Now since the last post I have successfully lost 3 lbs. Not much but still im on par for my 1 lb every five days goal. Im not fucking around. June 1st. 185 lbs. Test me. Weight marker currently at 207. Progress is progress even if its slow. Im about to head to this organic food place in the city with my friend Kristen, pretty stoked. 

This weekend I am playing two very very fly gigs that I can not wait for. Friday and Saturday are going to rule and be mega hangouts. Friday is our record release in jersey. I hope a bunch of heads come out. Im assuming a lot of people are since its been talked about a bunch. The only acceptable excuse for people not rolling is if they are going to AF. I would be there if this wasn't our record release haha. Stoked to chill with my dogs in POW and Incendiary and all the local jersey heads and have a good night. The next night we play Killing Time's record release in NYC at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. I handed out fliers all over the place last night at H20 in the city and Im assuming a lot of people will be at that as well. Overall stoked to play in front of a new crowd and see how well we go over and just be apart of it. Killing Time put out my favorite hardcore record of all time and im honored to share a stage with them. Although the demons in my head make me wear evil. Although I stress and stress constantly and struggle with the anxieties life includes. I always find something to look forward to. Getting out of debt, getting in shape, paying off bills, gigging hard. One love.

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