Thursday, February 4, 2010

More things to look forward to then things not to look forward to.

Life throws so many curve balls at you and sometimes its hard to pull yourself up from a rut. Well I can say im almost fully pulled out. This is the first time in my life where im not bummed about to much. Ive had fun every single day in the past three weeks. Although days get hard I have learned to appreciate the little things. For instance, the other day I was watching the news and a native from Haiti was pulled from the rubble after one week. Imagine suffering for one week and overcoming weakness and gaining strength to survive such a tragedy. No food, no water, just a prayer. That is serious inspiration. When you think you have it bad there's always someone who has it thirty times worse. This is the first time in my life where I can say im happy about the way things are going to go in my future. Although my future is undecided it seems bright. I get off of probation in April, thank the lord. I would have been long gone from New Jersey but under authority I have not been able to leave the state for three years. 
Me, my best friend Sam, and my boy Danny Brooklyn have been looking and checking out spots out in Brooklyn. Found some real tight shit for a real good price and Ive been job hunting like a motherfucker out there or at least seeing what my options are and its looking good. The house we want will be pricey but I know we can make it work as long as we are all bringing in cash. We will be trust me. It's kind of awesome getting off of probation, putting that behind me, and stepping into a world of opportunity. My friend Gary was telling me how he wants to branch off and start his own tiling business and that hes going to need help. That would be great for me. School isn't my route so I will have to pick up a trade. I've been looking into that as well. It's insane how much ive grown up over two years. Two years ago I didn't give a fuck about shit. Now life has forced me to care and take control. In a positive light despite all these adult decisions I have to make there's still tons of room for fun. Suburban Scum has tons of awesome shows coming up that I can't wait to play including the Killing Time record release. Never thought that would happen in a million years but I am stoked nontheless. We've been writing our asses off for a few releases we have planned out. Weekend tours and actual tours are going to happen thank god. Ive been hanging out with tons of new people and making tons of new friends as of late. Life is what you make it. Appreciate the little things and don't take a day for granted and you will prosper my friends. Also I must say that the new Styles P mixtape is straight up fire. Nasty. Dudes a beast. DBLOCK.

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