Sunday, February 7, 2010

Born Low "Reincarnage"

I just checked this band out for the first time today and they really really impressed the shit out of me. For fans of that bounce style. Vocally this dude holds it down hard. His vocal patterns have a lot hints of "Ill Blood", which is never a bad thing, but the placement is tight through the whole record. Downloaded the record today and it completely rips. Going to order the CD later on tonight. I never see this band talked about at all. I realize it isn't for everyone but it really does it for me. It's one thing throwing all your influences in and obviously this is a heavy influenced NYHC release, but this shit is done right.Reaper is pumping out some solid releases. This is no exception. Born Low "Reincarnage". Im calling this band blowing up this year. Not because of the big label support, which will help, but because of how well they pull of this style of hardcore. Obviously not breaking any new ground but its refreshing to hear hardcore done so well. Check them out now so that when the world falls in love with them you can say...dude I've been listening to Born Low since 2010.

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